Drew Gardner


I started my career on a local newspaper, getting my first front page at the age of 15. I went on to work as a photojournalist travelling to over 50 countries photographing a broad spectrum of news events and personalities for the world's most respected magazines and newspapers and witnessing world events such as the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo and the release of Nelson Mandela.
My work is influenced by my life experiences and my love of history, bringing a strong narrative and cinematic feel to my imagery. My unique and innovative approach to photography combined with my use of light and my attention to the detail distinguishes my work.
My fine artwork has been exhibited worldwide with shows in London, Europe, the USA and China, winning many awards along the way.
I am always looking for innovative ways to tell stories, and I have been producing powerful interactive photography, film and virtual reality experiences for global brands for the likes of Sports Illustrated and the New York Times.
I am also an educator teaching workshops and seminars around the world.
I have a passion for people and my craft getting the very best from any given situation.


Tom Stoddart

'I can thoroughly recommend him to any client requiring first class brand imagery. Drew is meticulous in his planning and original in his creative ideas. As a photographer and film maker he consistently produces work of the highest quality, that satisfies the needs of the most demanding art directors'

Joe McNally

'I've known Drew for many years, and he continues to surprise with his constant reinvention and the varied ways he breaks new ground visually. An outstanding pro who delivers on all the potential of any assignment, be it stills or video. He has complete command of craft, from the planning aspects of a job to the post-production completion. Small or large, in terms of an answer for any client's visual task or problem, he is literally one stop shopping. Highly recommend!'