December has been a very busy, but a very exciting, month for the Gardner Creative team. We can finally show everyone some of the cool projects we’ve been working on with The New York Times. We’ve also been busy planning some exciting 360 videos which we will begin shooting in January and February, but more on that another time. For now though let’s show you what we’ve been working on recently.


The New York Times are the leaders when it comes to innovative use of 360 video and are thrilled to be working with them on a number of of projects for their latest project ‘The Daily 360’ where they have partnered with Samsung to produce some incredible virtual reality videos for their daily 360 video feature. We were given free reign to dream up whatever ideas we wanted for a 360 video, but it needed to be entertaining and insightful. The first of these videos has just been released. It’s our 360 video of the Livraria Lello in Portugal, a magical book shop which features some incredible architecture. You can see this video below:

Shot on the Samsung Gear VR camera, this video shows the Livraria Lello’s architecture in all it’s glory. What makes this book shop even more special is that JK Rowling drew inspiration for the Harry Potter series, making it a must see attraction for Harry Potter fans. From the winding staircase to the magnificently crafted ceiling, this bookshop is a feast for the eyes so make sure you take a good look around in the video.


The 2016 Formula 1 season saw the quickest pit stop ever seen in motor racing, in June the Williams F1 team set a record breaking pit stop of 1.92 seconds. Let’s just think about that for a moment, the 21 man crew takes less than 2 seconds to jack the car into the air, remove and replace the 4 tires and let the car down again. So, with the support of Sports Illustrated we went to the Williams HQ in Wantage to film these incredible pit stops. You can see this video 

In this video we give you a never before seen perspective of an F1 pit stop, looking at how a pit stop unfolds from just above the driver’s head. In the video we also show the pit stop slowed down so that you can get an idea of just how quickly these pit stops take place. Watch the video and notice how each person has perfected their individual job within the pit stop crew.


Here at Gardner Creative we like to make sure that we attend the main industry events, and they don’t come much bigger than Photokina. Held in Germany, this event is the place where all of the big players in the photography industry come to show off their latest kit. We were there this year catching up with old friends in the industry and making new connections. This year was also a bit special because Drew, Gardner Creative’s owner, was interviewed by Nino Leither of Cinema5d for their ‘ON THE COUCH & ON THE GO’ feature. Here is the video interview:

Drew had this to say about the interview: “Photokina seems like forever ago now, so it was a nice reminder of the show when Nino published our interview about ‘The Magic of 360 Video’ as part of his entertaining ‘On The Go’ series. If you haven’t seen it think carpool karaoke, without (thankfully!) the Karaoke. If you have an interest in 360 video it might be worth watching, we covered a wide range of topics from cameras, camera rigs, mounting 360 cameras and just why 360 video is important.”

You can see the article with the embedded video HERE.

2016 has been an incredible year with some mind blowing projects, we are really looking forward to what 2017 has to bring. We have lots of very exciting projects which are about to go live over the next few months.

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